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Organic Whey Protein Reviews


With so many different types of organic whey being advertised on the market, it is becoming more and more difficult to decide which one is right for your specific needs. The following reviews from other buyers and companies may be helpful, and may give you an idea on which products will work best for you.

Foodbabe is a blog that was started in April of 2011 by a writer named Vani Hari. She has appeared on numerous TV shows including The Dr. Oz Show, Good Morning America, Doctors Show and FOX News. She specializes in researching and being knowledgeable about the harmful ingredients in processed foods and how to avoid them. She lists Healthforce Nutritionals organic vegan protein as her number one choice for a clean and truly organic protein source. She states that they practice the highest quality processing methods, and that they use completely organic ingredients. The protein comes from brown rice and hemp seed. A small amount of organic raw vanilla and raw whole leaf stevia is added for taste.

Carol Newman is a health advocate for women. Carol started an online website and blog called She hosts the BioGirl Health Show on Speaker Web Radio and is dedicated to helping women achieve the best possible health as well as inner beauty. After researching and personally trying many natural whey protein powders she found that Organic Warrior Whey Protein Powder, made by Defense Nutrition, was the best on the market. She went on to say that it is completely organic and made from the raw milk of pasture-raised cows who were not exposed to harmful antibiotics or hormones. It is free of pesticides, soy, gluten and sugar alcohols. She also says that it is the only protein shake mix that she will use. is a great place to buy organic whey protein supplements. Each product provides a place for customers to leave reviews. Most products have several reviews from those who have purchased and tried the product. Now Foods manufactures an organic whey protein powder that seemed to have more reviews than the others. It is simply called Whey Protein Certified Organic. One reviewer wrote that it was the best deal in terms of price per ounce, but the taste was not as good as others. Another customer said that it was the best protein powder he had ever tried, and he will not try another. Most reviews were positive. However, one customer said that it contained soy which is an ingredient that hinders absorption of the protein.

These are only a few of the many reviews that are available on the web. If you are considering adding protein to your diet, check out the product's website. There are usually several reviews from people who have purchased and tried the product. Companies will advertise and provide information on their products. However, it is always helpful to get the advice from customers like you who have actually tried it and have volunteered to leave a few comments for others to read.


Find good quality whey protein in your local natural foods store, or look online in places like HERE .

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