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Organic Whey Protien


Some people question the benefits of choosing organic over non-organic foods. Is it really worth the trouble and the expense? Sometimes the difference is very minimal. However, when it comes to protein powders, choosing an organic product will provide you with the most superior product. The food industry is making a lot of money selling whey protein powders and supplements that contain ingredients that are not good for the body. Choosing organic whey protien will ensure that you are getting all of the benefits of natural whey protein and the vital nutrients without the harmful ingredients.

Organic whey protien is free of hormones and antibiotics. Farmers often give their cows hormones that help them grow faster and produce more milk. These hormones are passed along through the milk to the consumer. Some farmers also give their cows antibiotics to fight off infection. These antibiotics are also passed along through the milk to the consumer. The whey protein you buy is only as good as the milk from which it is made. Any whey protein that starts with milk derived from cows that have been exposed to antibiotics or hormones should be avoided.

Organic whey protien is free of artificial ingredients. Many companies add artificial sweeteners to their protein powders for a little extra flavor and added sweetness. Artificial sweeteners are chemicals and can actually increase your appetite. They are very artificial and should be avoided. Many companies also add artificial flavors, fillers and coloring. Fillers are sometimes added just make the product weigh more so that they can make more money. Any of these artificial ingredients are harmful for your body and should be avoided. Since organic whey protien does not contain any artificial ingredients, it is clearly a much better choice.

Organic whey protien is free of toxins and acids. Non-organic protein powders are sometimes processed using acids or high temperatures. The high temperatures change the protein structure and can decrease the amount of nutrients. The acids used in processing are toxins that can hinder the body from building healthy muscle. Toxins in the body can also hinder weight loss. Since natural protein and natural foods are better utilized by the body, the more natural your diet, the more lean muscle tissue and less body fat you will have.

Protein powders that are heavily processed and have added artificial ingredients and fillers could be doing more harm to your body than good. Building muscle and losing fat is more difficult if you are ingesting toxins and artificial ingredients. Organic whey protien is cleaner and better utilized by your body. Always check the ingredients on your protein supplements, and look for anything artificial. Also, make sure the milk that was used to make the protein came from cows that were treated humanely and were not exposed to any dangerous hormones or medications. There are many clean organic whey protien supplements available. Research and read the labels to make sure the organic whey protien you are purchasing is truly organic and natural.


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