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Organic Whey Protein vs. Non-Organic Whey Protein


Whey protein has long been considered by many experts in the fields of nutrition and sports medicine to be beneficial for optimal health and fitness. Yet these same experts don't always agree which whey is best - organic or non-organic? Is there really a significant difference between the two?

The answer to that depends on your priorities and your lifestyle. If your main concern is high-performance as an athlete, you'll benefit slightly more with organic whey protein due to potentially higher quality nutrients and fewer additives. If you want to support ethical farming practices that provide the best care and well-being for dairy cows who produce the whey, going organic is by far the best choice.

Health & Fitness Benefits of Organic Whey Protein

Athletes make up a very high percentage of whey protein consumers due to the possible benefits that globular proteins derived from whey (known as whey protein) can have for building lean muscle mass. Though the full health benefits of whey protein are debatable, there is little debate that organic whey protein usually provides better quality nutritional benefit without harmful antibiotics.

Organic whey protein comes from the milk of grazing grass-fed cows, typically raised on family farms. Compared to grain, corn, soy or other common foods for dairy cattle raised largely in industrial "factory" farms, grass is much easier for cows to digest.

Better digestion supports better health. Healthier animals produce healthier proteins. Healthy grass-fed dairy cows grow at a natural rate and don't need a lot of antibiotics. Fewer antibiotics and growth hormones in the animal mean fewer potentially harmful antibiotics and growth hormones in the whey protein.

Wouldn't you rather drink a "healthy" whey protein shake that came from a healthy animal? Choosing organic whey protein betters your chances of a healthy, thriving source for healthy, thriving nutrition.

Organic whey protein will also usually be free of chemicals from over-processing, as well as free from GMOs. Choose cold-pressed or "raw" organic whey protein if you agree (and you should) that less processing equals higher nutrient and enzyme content.

Ethical Benefits of Organic Whey

There's no question that organic whey protein is the ethical choice when compared to non-organic. Going organic supports more family farms and fewer big agriculture factory farms where the living conditions for the animals are almost always shockingly deplorable.

When you buy organic whey there's a much better chance that the cows graze freely in grassy fields instead of living in cramped windowless buildings, eating cheap grains that are bad for their bodies. Opting for organic whey protein vs. non-organic can be a choice of compassion and conscience, as well as a choice for better health.

Why Organic Matters

The biggest benefits of choosing organic whey protein over non-organic whey protein are gained by people who care a great deal about the source. Non-organic whey protein is probably cheaper, yes. Yet the organic choice is worth the extra cost to have better quality nutrients from a healthier (and hopefully happier) animal.

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