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Raw Organic Whey


Protein comes in many different forms. It comes in the form of whole foods such as lean meats, nuts and dried beans. It also comes in the form of supplements such as powder or capsules. Whey has become a very popular method of adding protein to our diets, and many people consume some type of whey protein every day. Whey is the liquid that is left over after milk has been curdled, and is actually the by-product of manufactured cheese. It is very high in protein and is often concentrated and processed and used as a dietary supplement by athletes and body builders. Raw organic whey is clean and pure and has the highest amount of protein.

Whey protein is a totally complete protein that provides all of the vital amino acids that your body needs in order to function properly. It is easily digested which makes it very easy for the body to use. As we get older, our bodies cannot produce these important amino acids which are crucial for a healthy immune system as well as energy production. Adding whey protein to your diet will also increase lean muscle while reducing the amount of fat in your body. It supports joint health, boosts energy and helps balance out the good bacteria for better digestion.

There are many whey protein supplements available today. However, raw organic whey is the purest type of whey protein that you will find. In order for whey protein to be considered raw and organic, it needs to be derived from cows that were grass-fed and not exposed to antibiotics or hormones. Raw organic whey contains no artificial sweeteners preservatives or fillers. It contains no junk and is processed at very low temperatures without using acid. Ask yourself the following question to help determine if the whey protein you are considering is truly raw organic whey.

Is it USDA certified organic? The USDA Organic seal on the packaging guarantees that the product was manufactured using high regulatory standards in regards to how the cows were fed and how the whey was processed.

How was it processed? Raw organic whey is processed without using acid and without being exposed to high temperatures. Acid and high temperatures damage the protein and take away important nutrients.

Are there any additives or artificial ingredients? High quality raw organic whey will taste great all by itself. Many other brands of whey protein add artificial sweeteners, preservatives and fillers to enhance taste and reduce costs.

Answering these questions will help you decide whether the whey protein you are considering to purchase is truly raw organic whey protein. Raw organic whey has not been through the damaging processing that other protein products have been through. It is natural and has no artificial ingredients. It has the highest percentage of protein, more antioxidants and nutrients, and tastes great without added sweeteners. Raw organic whey is truly the cleaner and more healthy way to add a little extra protein to your diet.


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