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From small American family farmers. USDA certified organic & Grass-Fed.


Source Organic Whey


Source Organic Whey is a source for organic protein powder. Albert R. Matheny is the founder of Source Organic Whey. He is a registered dietitian with degrees in Exercise Physiology, Food Science and Human Nutrition. He has also earned a master's degree in Human Performance. He ran track and cross country for five years at the University of Florida, and continues to have a love and appreciation for good nutrition and outdoor activities. He says that convenient wholesome protein is difficult to include in the busy lifestyles of today, but it is also one of the most important things to incorporate in your life every day.

The organic whey protein that is made by Source Organic Whey begins with organic milk that is brought in from four local dairies in northern California. The cows that produce the milk are allowed to graze in pastures of green grass, clover and rye. These are considered the cow's natural food and will help the cows produce the purest and most nutritional milk. The cost of transporting the milk is greatly reduced since the four dairies that provide the milk are all within a ninety mile radius of the facility. Energy is also saved at the facility through energy recovery systems, water recirculation and electrical updates.

Source Organic Whey uses a cold processed ultra filtration method. The whey is processed only a short time and is dried using low temperatures. There is no acid or bleach used in the filtration process, and the whey is always tested for impurities by independent sources. The packaging for Source Organic Whey contains no heavy metals or genetically modified components. Also, a portion of the profits made by Source Organic Whey, along with volunteer service, is donated each year to local charities and events.

Source Organic Whey is USDA Organic certified. This certification guarantees that the people who produced the product have met or exceeded the animal health and welfare standards, and the product contains no antibiotics, growth hormones or pesticides. The whey made by Source Organic Whey is also certified by the American Humane Association, and is the only whey protein to achieve this. This certification assures us that the farm animals from which the milk was derived were handled and taken care of properly.

Source Organic Whey does not ship internationally, but delivery is typically made within three to five days of the order date in the United States. The whey is soy free and gluten free and available on the Source Organic Whey website. One serving size is five tablespoons of powder which will supply you with twenty one grams of protein.

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