Fresh Organic Whey Protein

From small American family farmers. USDA certified organic & Grass-Fed.


Teras Organic Whey


The whey used to produce Tera's Whey organic whey comes from local cheese plants, and these cheese plants get the milk used in making their cheese from local Wisconsin dairy farms that are family owned. One important aspect that makes Tera's Whey stand out from other similar companies is that they know the people, farmers, cows and goats from which the whey is derived. This means that the customers who buy Tera's Whey products will know where the ingredients are coming from as well. All of their products are manufactured in their own factories, and they personally handle them professionally and carefully so that they can provide their customers with the best possible products.

Their whey protein products are USDA certified organic. This certification ensures that the milk used to make the whey is derived from cows that are ethically treated and cared for properly. The cows are not exposed to artificial hormones or pesticides and are not given any type of antibiotics. All of Tera's Whey products are gluten free as well as chemical free. They also offer goat whey for those who cannot tolerate cow dairy products. Tera's Whey goat whey is gluten free and also provides just as much protein as the whey that is made with cow's milk.

Tera's Whey comes in many different flavors. For example, the Organic Blueberry Vanilla Whey Protein is made with real Bourbon vanilla. The vanilla is made from vanilla beans that were organically grown on the island of Bourbon near the coast of Madagascar. The Organic Fair Trade Dark Chocolate Whey Protein is made with fair trade certified organic cacao beans that were grown in Brazil. The coffee flavored whey is made with coffee beans that were grown in Mexico. The coffee beans are slow roasted for medium flavor and body.

One important aspect of the Tera's Whey manufacturing plant is that they have the capability of batch processing different types of whey while also keeping the different types separate. This capability makes it possible for them to manufacture organic cow whey as well as goat whey products. They make good use of heat exchange so that they can keep the temperatures at a cool level throughout the entire ultrafiltration process. Once concentrated, they carefully dry the whey to preserve all of the nutrients which also ensures that the end product is of the best non denatured quality possible.

Whether you buy goat whey or cow whey, all of Tera's Whey products are made from fresh whey that comes directly from the artisian cheese makers in Wisconsin. Since these cheese makers get their milk from small family owned dairy farms, you can be assured that Tera's Whey products are always clean, fresh and organic. They select the different flavors not only for their great taste but also for their healthy benefits. The different flavors are made with superfruits, real dark cocoa and natural vanilla. All of their products are chemical free and hormone free. No artificial sweeteners are ever used, but stevia is sometimes added for a little extra sweetness.

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