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From small American family farmers. USDA certified organic & Grass-Fed.


The Organic Whey


Whey is a great source of protein as well as a great source for all eight essential amino acids. The Organic Whey company was started out of a desire to tell others about the healthy benefits of whey. After searching for a pure protein powder, they were very surprised to find that out of all of the protein powders available they could not find one that was made from the milk of cows that were fed only grass and raised in proper conditions. They instead found brands that were endorsed by celebrities, brands making claims that they found the "secret formula" and many brands packaged just to get the buyer's attention. Therefore, they decided to produce and sell a pure organic whey protein themselves and call it simply The Organic Whey.

When they began looking for a cheese processor who could provide whey for them as a by- product of their cheese making, they could not find a company that produced cheese organically. However, after searching for many months they soon found the Rumiano Cheese Company, the oldest family owned cheese company in California. Not only did this company produce organic whey from their cheese making process, but they agreed to provide The Organic Whey company with one hundred percent of the whey that they required to run their business.

The organic whey that comes from The Organic Whey company is made from the milk of cows that are fed only grasses, legumes and other natural plant species. The cows are allowed to graze in green pastures and are given a clean comfortable place to sleep. They are provided with plenty of clean water, shelter from harsh weather conditions, and they are never given hormones or antibiotics. These strict guidelines help to ensure that the milk used to make the whey is clean, natural and organic.

The Organic Whey company is committed to providing natural, one hundred percent USDA certified organic whey to people who desire to live healthy. They believe in caring for the planet and what it has to offer and giving back to the community. These values show in the quality products that they continually produce. The whey that they produce is truly organic, healthy and ideal for those who want to add extra protein to their diet the natural way.

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