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5 Top Brands of Organic Whey Protein


Not all with organic whey protein powders are created equal. The good news is there are easy ways to determine the top brands by looking for the fundamental benefits they all have in common. They are free of GMOs, growth hormones, pesticides and antibiotics. They are from 100% grass-fed cows and are easy on the taste buds, too.

Here are five top brands of organic whey protein that fit this description. These brands have at least 15 grams of protein per serving.

Raw Organic Whey

USDA Certified organic Raw Organic Whey protein powder is considered one of the top brands for two important reasons. They process their whey protein at very low temperatures. This cold-press process helps preserve more of the nutrients by keeping the whey protein in as natural a form as possible. Raw Organic Whey Protein is also sweet processed using enzymes to separate the protein from the whey, rather than using harsh acids that are the industry standard.

Defense Nutrition Organic Warrior Whey

From concentrate (not from isolate); Organic Warrior Whey is another product with low-heat processing to help ensure higher nutrient content. This powder is gluten-free, has no artificial sweeteners and has a satisfyingly creamy consistency unlike some whey protein powders that can have a gritty texture.

Tera's Whey

Organic whey protein powder from Tera's Whey has the added benefit of super fruit flavors and antioxidants in several of their formulas, as well as natural coffee and chocolate flavors, too. This might sound like designer whey protein, but keeping the taste of these high-nutrient supplements interesting and satisfying keeps more people choosing protein shakes over soft drinks, so there you go.

NOW Certified Organic Whey Protein

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) are what high-quality organic whey protein products are all about. The NOW brand comes through with flying colors, providing several different formulas of organic whey protein powders with high BCAA content for specific health goals.

For the highest concentration of whey protein, choose NOW Sports' Pure Whey Isolate Protein. Although it is not organic like their whey concentrate, whey protein in isolate form has 90% protein concentration, with the lactose and fat taken out. Unfortunately whey protein isolates are more highly processed, but if you're lactose intolerant this type of product is your best bet. To be safe, always check with your doctor before adding any nutritional supplements to your diet.

Source Organic Classic Whey Protein

When an organic brand of whey protein is also certified by the American Humane Association, you know they take ethical business practices seriously. This company cares very much about the source, being the cows themselves. The animals spend a great deal of their lives happily grazing. Plus each serving of this powder has 21 grams of protein and contains zero soy ingredients.

Sweet Purity Organics

This certified whey protein has a fresh, light taste. Use it in your smoothies or just add to any milk, juice, or water for an instant protein drink. Minimally processed, hormone-free, and undenatured, your purchase supports small farmers and organic farming in America. Sweet Purity organic whey is a certified organic whey protein that mixes instantly into any beverage. Containing an amazing 22 grams per serving, this protein is rBGH-hormone free, aspartame-free, and is made from milk that comes from small family farms. Our organic whey protein is the best tasting on the market, because it is produced sustainably without chemicals and low temperature processed. It is a whole food concentrate, not an overly processed isolate. It is naturally gluten-free, undenatured, and GMO-free.

These top organic whey protein powder brands all support small family farms, ethical farming practices and provide all 9 essential amino acids for strong muscles and bones. Contact each company for more information about ingredients and health benefits. .


Find good quality whey protein in your local natural foods store, or look online in places like HERE .

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