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What Are the Best Times to Use Organic Whey Protein: Myths vs. Facts


If you're on a high-protein diet for your athletic regimen, because of your high-intensity workout schedule, or if you're a long-distance endurance runner, then you may already know about the benefits of organic whey protein. This protein, which is the liquid by-product of organic cow milk that's created during the cheese-making process, is then dried and made into powder form so that it can be easily mixed into a shake and consumed on the go. However, even if you have heard of organic whey protein, what you may not be sure of is when to drink it. There are a number of myths out there concerning which is the optimum time to drink these shakes, but the sooner you discover the truth behind these myths, the more effective drinking organic whey protein will be for your body.

Myth or Fact: Drinking Organic Whey Protein Before Your Workout Will Make You Sluggish?

This is indeed a myth, but it's a popular one because many people who drink organic whey protein do so as part of a high-protein, low-carb diet, and they're taking the protein in order to give their stomach a feeling of fullness so they will consume fewer calories. As a result, many people believe that protein consumption equals the feeling of having a full stomach, which results in a sluggish response. However, quite the opposite is true. Unlike other protein sources, organic whey protein is highly digestible and does not sit in the stomach. Instead, your body absorbs the protein quickly, giving you the energy that you need for a high-intensity workout.

Myth or Fact: Your Body Weight Impacts the Effectiveness of When You Drink Your Shake?

This is a fact. If you are a lean individual, then it's more effective for you to drink your organic whey protein shake before you work out because your body does not store as much energy as those who have a higher body mass index (BMI). As a result, you're likely to need the energy that an organic whey protein shake will give you before you begin your workout. You should use 10 to 25 grams of the protein anywhere from a half an hour to an hour before you exercise and depending on how much you've already had on that given day.

Myth or Fact: Drinking Whey Protein Before Sleep Causes Weight Gain ?

It's false that drinking organic whey protein before you sleep will make you gain weight. This myth probably perpetuated from the fact that eating anything before bed will make you gain weight because you're packing your body with calories and carbs that are just going to sit on your hips and belly. While this is true for most foods, the same can't be said for organic whey protein. Most formulas contain few carbs or sugars, which are the two main things that you shouldn't eat before bedtime, so drinking a protein shake to help you feel full and avoid binge eating is actually helpful.

Unlike carbs, which turn into sugar and cause you to gain weight if they are not used for energy, organic whey protein is absorbed quickly and efficiently by your body and will not cause you to gain extra weight. In addition, organic whey protein will help to build and repair muscle as you sleep, which is a more efficient use of this supplement overall, especially if you're trying to build a lot of muscle. However, you should keep track of how much organic whey protein you have already have on a given day to avoid overuse, as ingesting too much protein can cause health problems in the long term.

Myth or Fact: Drinking Hydrolyzed Organic Whey Protein After a Workout Builds Muscle Faster

This may be true, as hydrolyzed organic whey protein is processed to an even finer degree than concentrated protein powder. During processing, the proteins are broken down into peptides, which your bloodstream absorbs faster than concentrated organic whey protein. This means that the essential amino acids that your body needs in order to build muscle after a workout will get them must faster, which allows the body to not only build muscle more efficiently, but build more of them as well. However, being a highly processed food, there are additional risks involved as this becomes less of a "food" and more like a chemical.

Myth or Fact: You Should Never Drink Your Protein Shake During a Workout

This is really neither myth nor fact because when it comes to slamming your protein during a workout to make that last ten minutes on the treadmill, you may need that extra energy to finish. It's more correct to say that you should avoid drinking your organic whey protein while you're in the middle of a workout because your body's energy will shift to focus on digesting the protein instead of giving your muscles the energy they need to finish your workout. If you really feel that drinking your shake during your workout gives you extra energy and drive, then it's probably best to switch to a hydrolyzed formula that requires less digestion.

Myth or Fact: You Should Always Take Your Dose of Protein All at Once

Many people believe that you should drink your whey protein all at once, in the morning, so that it can work on building muscle all day. However, this is not true. You can break up your daily allowance of protein; for example, if you're drinking twenty ounces a day, you can drink a shake with ten grams before your morning workout and then drink ten more grams before you go to bed.

With so much information available about whey protein and so much conflicting information about when to drink it to best benefit your exercise regimen, it's little wonder that there are so many myths out there. In order to find out the real facts about how organic whey protein can benefit you, it's best to follow up this reading with a doctor or nutritionist to discover how your own individual body weight, weight loss, and fitness goals will affect your decision about when to drink your organic whey protein.


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